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85 ASVAB Score – Is 85 A Good ASVAB Score?

Understanding an 85 ASVAB Score can significantly impact your military career choices.

  • 85 ASVAB Score: Opens doors to various opportunities in all military branches.
  • Military Occupational Specialties: With an 85, you’re eligible for sought-after roles.

Dive in to learn more about maximizing this score’s benefits.

Is 85 a Good ASVAB Score?

When it comes to the ASVAB, or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, achieving an 85 ASVAB score is definitely something to be proud of. But what exactly does that mean, and how does it position you for a military career?

85 ASVAB Score: The Percentile Rank

Firstly, let’s break down what that 85 score represents. In the world of ASVAB, an 85 is actually a percentile score based on a Department of Defense study conducted in 1997. Your score of 85 means:

  • You performed better than 85% of the 12,000 people who took the test in that study.
  • You scored higher than the average, making you a strong candidate for a wide range of military roles.

85 ASVAB Score: Military Branches and MOS

An 85 ASVAB score isn’t just a number; it’s a key that unlocks a wide range of opportunities in all branches of the military. That includes:

  • Army
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard

And it’s not just about enlistment; that 85 makes you eligible for some of the most sought-after Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).

Advantages of Scoring 85

The benefits of an 85 score are multiple:

  • Flexibility: You have the luxury of choosing from a diverse set of roles.
  • Advancement Opportunities: Higher scores often lead to quicker promotions and more advanced training options.
  • Competitive Edge: An 85 places you in a strong position compared to your peers, both during enlistment and beyond.

Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) Available with an 85 ASVAB Score

Scoring an 85 on the ASVAB isn’t just a personal achievement; it’s a career-altering milestone that significantly broadens your options within the U.S. military. So what kind of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) can you aim for?

85 ASVAB Score: Unlocking a Diverse Range of MOS

With an 85, you’re not just looking at basic roles. You can aim for some of the more technically demanding and intellectually stimulating positions within various branches. This includes:

  • Intelligence Analyst: Delve into data and provide essential insights for military operations.
  • Avionic Mechanic: Work on some of the most advanced aircraft systems in the world.
  • Nuclear Operations: Highly specialized roles within the Navy that deal with nuclear propulsion.

85 ASVAB Score: The Competitive Advantage

Securing an 85 on the ASVAB provides you a competitive edge, allowing you to be more selective when considering MOS options. Because your score is higher than 85% of those who took the test, recruiters are more likely to consider you for specialized roles. Your options might include:

  • Special Forces: Depending on the branch, an 85 could pave the way to a Special Forces role.
  • Medical Roles: Serve as a medical technician, nurse, or even in a combat medic capacity.
  • Cyber Operations: With the increasing focus on cyber warfare, roles in this field become more accessible with a high ASVAB score.

85 ASVAB Score: Planning Your Career Path

Having such a wide range of MOS choices allows you to consider long-term career prospects within the military. Think about:

  • Career Advancement: High-demand roles often come with quicker promotion opportunities.
  • Skill Acquisition: Specialized roles mean specialized training, allowing you to acquire a unique set of skills.
  • Post-Military Career: Many MOSs offer transferable skills that are highly sought after in the civilian job market.

Understanding the ASVAB Scoring System

Navigating the complexities of the ASVAB scoring system can be overwhelming. But understanding the nuances can be your golden ticket to maximizing the benefits of your 85 ASVAB score. So how does the system work?

85 ASVAB Score: The Role of the AFQT

The Armed Services Qualification Test, or AFQT, is a subset of the ASVAB and it plays a pivotal role in your overall ASVAB score. It’s a percentile score based on a study from 1997, where the Department of Defense had 12,000 participants.

  • Percentile Score: Your AFQT score indicates the percentage of participants who scored lower than you. An 85 means you performed better than 85% of the test-takers.
  • Branch Eligibility: An 85 AFQT score qualifies you for all military branches, ensuring maximum flexibility in your career options.

ASVAB Subtests and Composite Scores

The ASVAB is made up of several subtests, each focusing on different skills and aptitudes. Your performance on these subtests contributes to your composite scores, which in turn, impact your MOS eligibility. Some key points are:

  • Subtests: Include areas like Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, and Mechanical Comprehension.
  • Composite Scores: These are derived from your subtest scores and are used to determine qualification for specific MOSs.

Making Sense of Your 85

An 85 on the ASVAB is an AFQT score, not a composite score. This distinction is crucial for two reasons:

  • MOS Selection: Although an 85 AFQT score is excellent, your eligibility for specific MOSs is determined by your composite scores.
  • Career Progression: Over time, some military roles may require re-tests on specific ASVAB subtests for promotion or reclassification.

The Big Picture

In the grand scheme, an 85 ASVAB score is an outstanding achievement that offers numerous opportunities and advantages. But understanding the ASVAB scoring system, particularly how the AFQT and composite scores interact, can help you make well-informed career decisions in the military. Armed with this knowledge, you’re better equipped to utilize your high ASVAB score to its fullest potential.

85 ASVAB Score: Advantages & Disadvantages

Navigating the waters of military enlistment becomes significantly easier when you have a high 85 ASVAB score under your belt. But like any other scenario, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Advantages of Scoring 85

The perks of scoring an 85 on the ASVAB are noteworthy and open a variety of doors.

Flexibility in Choice

  • Wide Range of MOS: With an 85, almost every MOS is within your reach.
  • Branch Selection: Your options aren’t just limited to the Army; the Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are all available to you.

Career Advancement

  • Quick Promotions: A high ASVAB score is often considered during promotion cycles, offering quicker career advancement.
  • Specialized Training: Elite military courses and schools are more likely to accept candidates with higher ASVAB scores.

Enhanced Benefits

  • Bonuses and Incentives: A higher score might qualify you for enlistment bonuses or educational benefits.

Disadvantages of Scoring 85

Even with a high score like 85, there are some things to keep in mind.

Heightened Expectations

  • Pressure to Perform: A high ASVAB score might come with higher expectations from superiors.

Limited Retake Benefits

  • Diminishing Returns: Scoring higher in a re-test may not dramatically change your career prospects if you’ve already scored an 85.

Balancing the Scales

In essence, the advantages of an 85 ASVAB score far outweigh the disadvantages. While it’s good to be aware of potential limitations, the benefits of a high score like this can propel you into a rewarding and fulfilling military career. Your score gives you the leverage to be selective in your MOS and branch choices, ensuring that your military journey is aligned with your skills and interests. So as you consider your next steps, know that an 85 isn’t just a score—it’s an opportunity to shape your military future the way you see fit

Tips for Achieving an 85 ASVAB Score

Aiming for an 85 ASVAB score is an ambitious goal, but it’s certainly attainable with the right preparation and strategies. Below are some expert tips that can help you ace the ASVAB and secure a top percentile score.

Master the Core Subjects

The ASVAB covers a wide range of topics, but it’s important to focus on the core subjects that affect your AFQT score. These include:

  • Mathematics: Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge are crucial.
  • Verbal Skills: Mastering Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension can give you an edge.

Use Reliable Study Materials

  • Official Guides: Stick to reputable sources and official ASVAB study guides.
  • Online Resources: Make use of online platforms that offer practice tests and solutions.

Time Management

  • Study Schedule: Develop a consistent study schedule and stick to it.
  • Pace Yourself: During the test, keep an eye on the time but don’t rush through questions.

Take Practice Tests

One of the best ways to prepare is by taking full-length practice tests. This helps in:

  • Identifying Weak Points: Focus on areas where you consistently score lower.
  • Simulating Test Conditions: Get used to the test format and time constraints.

Learn Test-taking Strategies

  • Elimination Technique: If unsure, eliminate the least likely answers and make an educated guess.
  • Double-check: If time permits, go back and review your answers.

Mental Preparation

  • Stress Management: Techniques like deep breathing can help in managing test anxiety.
  • Positive Mindset: Go into the test with a confident and positive mindset.

Common Questions or Misconceptions about the ASVAB

The ASVAB, especially when it comes to high scores like an 85 ASVAB score, is often surrounded by misconceptions and questions. Understanding the facts can help you make the most of your high score and military career opportunities.

Is the ASVAB Only for Military Enlistment?

  • Fact: While the ASVAB is primarily used for military enlistment, the test also offers a career exploration component beneficial for civilian career planning.

Do I Need to Ace Every Subtest to Get an 85?

  • Fact: An 85 ASVAB score refers to the AFQT portion, which includes Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge. You don’t need to excel in every subtest to achieve an 85.

Does an 85 Guarantee My Desired MOS?

  • Fact: Although an 85 makes you eligible for a wide range of MOSs, specific jobs may require higher scores in particular subtests.

Does Scoring High Limit My Options?

  • Misconception: Some believe a high score pigeonholes you into technical or difficult roles. In reality, a high score like an 85 provides greater flexibility in choosing your MOS.

Does Everyone with an 85 Get the Same Opportunities?

  • Misconception: While an 85 is a strong score, other factors like physical fitness, background checks, and specific skill sets can influence the opportunities available to you.

Do I Need to Retake the ASVAB If I Already Have an 85?

  • Fact: An 85 is an excellent score, and retaking the test might not provide a significant advantage. However, you may retake it if you believe you can score higher on specific subtests relevant to your desired MOS

ASVAB Scores 1 to 99

Number 1Number 2Number 3Number 4Number 5

Conclusion and Next Steps for 85 on ASVAB

You’ve worked hard to achieve an 85 ASVAB score, a result that opens doors to numerous opportunities within the military. But what should be your next steps? Understanding your options and setting a clear roadmap is crucial for maximizing the benefits of your score.

Celebrate, but Stay Focused

Your first step should be to celebrate this significant milestone. An 85 on the ASVAB is no small feat. However:

  • Remain Focused: Scoring well is the first step; now the real journey begins in selecting your MOS and planning your military career.

Research Your Career Options

Given your high score, you have the luxury of choice.

  • Explore MOS Opportunities: Take time to research the wide range of MOSs available to you.
  • Consult a Recruiter: They can provide detailed information tailored to your specific strengths and career aspirations.

Consider Your Long-term Goals

An 85 score provides long-term advantages, so think ahead.

  • Career Advancement: Look for roles that not only interest you now but offer growth and progression.
  • Retraining and Specialization: Your high score may make you eligible for advanced training and special programs later in your career.

Prepare for Enlistment

Your high score can give you an edge, but you’ll still need to meet other requirements.

  • Physical Fitness: Keep yourself in top physical condition.
  • Background Checks: Ensure all your paperwork and background checks are in order.

Make a Decision

At the end of the day, your 85 ASVAB score is a tool that can help shape your military career, but the final decision is yours to make.

  • Be Confident: Make your choices with the confidence that comes from knowing you’ve scored in the top 15% of all test-takers.

Your 85 ASVAB score is more than just a number; it’s a key that unlocks various paths within the military. By considering these next steps and making informed decisions, you can set the stage for a fulfilling and rewarding military career.

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