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84 ASVAB Score – Is 84 A Good ASVAB Score?

If you’re wondering what an 84 ASVAB Score means, you’re in the right place.

  • 84 ASVAB Score
  • Military career options
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We’ll cover everything from how exceptional this score is to the military occupational specialties (MOS) you can aim for. Stay tuned!

Is 84 a Good ASVAB Score?

When it comes to joining the U.S. military, one of the most critical benchmarks is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, commonly referred to as the ASVAB. If you’ve earned an 84 ASVAB Score, you might be wondering how good that really is.

The Big Picture: How Scores Are Measured

The ASVAB consists of a series of tests to measure your skills and abilities in various subject areas like mathematics, science, and verbal comprehension. Your score is then calculated into the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT), a percentile-based score. In a 1997 Department of Defense study, 12,000 people participated, setting the curve for percentile rankings.

  • Above Average: Scoring an 84 on the ASVAB places you well above the average, outperforming 84% of those who took the test in the 1997 study.
  • All Branches Open: With an 84, you can enter any branch of the military, from the Army and Marines to the Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Advantages of Scoring an 84

An 84 ASVAB score comes with several perks:

  • Broad Range of MOS: With this score, you qualify for a wide array of Military Occupational Specialties, increasing your career choices.
  • Bonus Eligibility: Some branches offer enlistment bonuses for high scores.
  • Room for Upward Mobility: Your initial score can pave the way for more specialized training and leadership roles down the line.

84 ASVAB Score: A Closer Look at the Percentiles

It’s important to understand that an 84 AFQT score means you’ve scored better than 84% of the participants in the 1997 study, but worse than 15%. While this is an excellent position to be in, there’s always room for improvement if you aim for more specialized roles.

Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) Available with an 84 ASVAB Score

An 84 ASVAB Score not only allows you entry into any branch of the U.S. military, but it also qualifies you for a variety of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). But what exactly are these, and how does your score affect your options?

What Are Military Occupational Specialties?

MOS refers to the job roles within the U.S. military. Each MOS requires a certain ASVAB score for qualification.

  • Wide Range: An 84 ASVAB score qualifies you for a broad range of roles.
  • Skill-Based: MOS roles are often specialized and require specific skills, many of which are tested in the ASVAB.

High-Score Advantages: Jobs You Can Pursue

With an 84 on your ASVAB, you can consider the following:

  • Technical Roles: Jobs like aircraft mechanics, computer programming, and medical roles often require higher scores.
  • Intelligence Fields: Roles in military intelligence may be open to you.
  • Leadership Positions: You might be fast-tracked into leadership training programs.

84 ASVAB Score: Branch-Specific Opportunities

Your 84 score will give you a wide range of options in each military branch:

  • Army: Specialized roles in engineering and communications.
  • Navy: Opportunities in advanced electronics and nuclear field roles.
  • Air Force: Eligibility for technical and cyber roles.
  • Marines: Access to specialized fields like cryptology.
  • Coast Guard: Roles in maritime law enforcement and navigation.

Questions to Consider When Choosing an MOS

  • What are my career goals?: Your ASVAB score opens up possibilities, but align them with your long-term objectives.
  • What are my skills?: Align your ASVAB subtest strengths with the requirements of your desired MOS.
  • What is the demand for this MOS?: Some roles are more competitive, requiring not just a high ASVAB score but also additional qualifications.

Understanding the ASVAB Scoring System

Decoding the ASVAB Scoring System can be a bit of a maze if you’re new to it. Let’s demystify how the scoring works, especially in relation to an 84 ASVAB Score.

The Anatomy of ASVAB Scores

The ASVAB test comprises multiple sub-tests in areas ranging from mathematics to verbal skills to mechanical comprehension. These scores are then combined to create composite scores, which are used for qualifying for various MOS roles.

  • AFQT Score: This is the Armed Forces Qualification Test score, which is a percentile-based score reflecting your performance against a pre-determined base group.
  • Composite Scores: These are combinations of the various sub-test scores and are used to determine qualification for specific MOS roles.

How the 1997 Study Affects Your Score

The AFQT score, the percentile measure that gives us the 84 ASVAB Score, is based on a 1997 study conducted by the Department of Defense. In this study:

  • 12,000 Participants: This sample size sets the percentile rankings.
  • Percentile Interpretation: An 84 means you’ve performed better than 84% of these participants but worse than the remaining 16%.

Advantages & Limitations of Percentile Scores

  • Broad Understanding: Percentile scores like an 84 provide a broad measure of how you stack up against a large population.
  • Limitation: While helpful, they do not provide a detailed breakdown of your skills in specialized areas.

84 ASVAB Score: Importance of Sub-Tests

  • Skill Alignment: Your sub-test scores can greatly influence the MOS roles for which you qualify.
  • Focus Areas: If you’re aiming for specialized roles, understanding your strengths and weaknesses in sub-tests is crucial.

84 ASVAB Score: Advantages & Disadvantages

Scoring an 84 on the ASVAB is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, but every score comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages associated with this score.

The Bright Side: Advantages of Scoring 84

An 84 ASVAB score provides a multitude of benefits that can positively impact your military career:

  • Eligibility for All Branches: This score allows you to join any branch of the military, from the Army to the Coast Guard.
  • Wide Range of MOS Choices: Your options for Military Occupational Specialties are vast, ranging from technical roles to intelligence.
  • Upward Mobility: A high score like 84 often paves the way for specialized training and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Enlistment Bonuses: High scores may qualify you for enlistment bonuses or other financial incentives.

The Flip Side: Disadvantages to Consider

While an 84 score offers numerous benefits, there are limitations:

  • Not the Highest Score: An 84 is high but not the highest possible score. Some specialized roles may require scores in the upper 90s.
  • Competitive Fields: High-demand or specialized roles may require additional qualifications beyond a high ASVAB score.
  • May Overshadow Other Qualities: Sometimes a high ASVAB score can overshadow other essential qualities like physical fitness or leadership skills.

84 ASVAB Score: Balancing the Pros and Cons

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages can help you make a more informed decision about your military career path.

  • Weigh Your Options: Look at the range of MOS roles available and consider where you want to specialize.
  • Assess Your Goals: Are you aiming for rapid career progression, or is your focus more on a particular skill set?
  • Talk to a Recruiter: Sometimes a conversation with an experienced recruiter can provide valuable insights into how to best leverage your Score.

Tips for Achieving an 84 ASVAB Score

So, you’re aiming for an 84 ASVAB Score? Fantastic goal! Achieving a high score on the ASVAB can dramatically broaden your military career options. Let’s explore actionable tips to help you reach this score.

84 ASVAB Score: Master the Fundamentals

Understanding the basics of each section is crucial for a good score:

  • Mathematics: Focus on algebra, basic geometry, and arithmetic operations.
  • Verbal Skills: Reading comprehension and vocabulary are key.
  • Science and Technical Skills: Basic principles of chemistry, physics, and mechanical comprehension.

84 ASVAB Score: Time Management

  • Mock Tests: Regular practice tests can help you understand how to manage your time during the actual test.
  • Set a Timer: Use a timer during practice to mimic test conditions.

84 ASVAB Score: Specialized Study Resources

  • Study Guides: Use ASVAB-specific study guides to focus on subject areas.
  • Online Courses: There are specialized ASVAB courses that offer targeted learning.
  • Tutoring: Consider getting a tutor for subjects you find challenging.

Test Day Preparedness

  • Good Night’s Sleep: A well-rested mind is a more efficient mind.
  • Healthy Breakfast: A balanced meal can help with concentration.

Be Mindful of Common Pitfalls

Even smart test-takers can make common mistakes:

  • Overthinking: Simple questions might have simple answers. Don’t overanalyze.
  • Rushing: While time management is essential, rushing can lead to unnecessary errors.

84 ASVAB Score: Evaluate and Iterate

  • Check Your Answers: If time allows, go back and double-check your work.
  • Post-Exam Assessment: After practice tests, assess your weaknesses and refocus your study efforts accordingly

Common Questions or Misconceptions about the ASVAB

When it comes to the ASVAB and achieving a high score like an 84, there are often several questions and misconceptions that cloud the minds of test-takers. Let’s dispel some of these myths and answer common queries.

Is the ASVAB Test Hard?

  • Subjective Difficulty: The ASVAB’s level of difficulty can vary from person to person, depending on their skills and educational background.
  • Focused Study: With targeted preparation, most people can achieve a score that qualifies them for a wide range of MOS options.

Does the ASVAB Measure Intelligence?

  • Skills over IQ: The ASVAB is not an intelligence test; rather, it measures your abilities in various subject areas.
  • Practical Application: The test aims to assess your suitability for specific roles within the military.

Can You Fail the ASVAB?

  • No Failure, But…: Technically, you can’t “fail” the ASVAB. However, a low score might limit your military career options significantly.
  • Re-taking the Test: You can retake the ASVAB if you’re unhappy with your score, although there are waiting periods between attempts.

Is an 84 ASVAB Score Enough for Any Job?

  • Broad Opportunities: An 84 ASVAB Score opens doors to many MOS roles but may not qualify you for highly specialized jobs that require upper 90s scores.
  • Other Criteria: Apart from ASVAB scores, other factors like physical fitness and additional qualifications can influence job eligibility.

Do Higher Scores Get Better Jobs?

  • Qualification vs. Allocation: While a higher score qualifies you for more jobs, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the job you want due to availability and other criteria.

What is the AFQT?

  • Percentile Measure: The Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score is a percentile measure used to compare your performance against a sample population.

ASVAB Scores 1 to 99

Number 1Number 2Number 3Number 4Number 5

Conclusion and Next Steps for 84 on ASVAB

Congratulations! If you’ve achieved a Score, you’re already ahead of the game. If you’re aiming for that score, you now know what steps to take and what pitfalls to avoid. But what comes next? Let’s lay out some key actions for moving forward with your military career.

Celebrate and Reflect

First things first:

  • Take a Moment: Celebrating your achievement is essential; you’ve worked hard for this score.
  • Reflect on Choices: An 84 score opens many doors; consider which path aligns with your career goals and personal interests.

Consult with a Recruiter

  • In-depth Discussion: A military recruiter can provide a more granular understanding of what your Score means for your military career.
  • Ask Questions: Bring a list of queries about available MOS roles, advancement opportunities, and other career-related matters.

Plan for Specialization

  • Research: Dig into the MOS roles that interest you and require an 84 or similar score.
  • Skill Development: Look for additional courses or training to further specialize and make you more competitive for your chosen MOS.

Physical and Mental Preparation

  • Physical Fitness: Keep in mind that physical preparedness is equally important as your ASVAB score for many roles.
  • Mental Readiness: Prepare mentally for the challenges of military life, which goes far beyond test scores.

Keep Your Options Open

  • Stay Informed: Keep up to date with changes in ASVAB scoring or military requirements.
  • Backup Plans: Have a Plan B. Even with a high ASVAB score, life is unpredictable.

The journey to achieving an 84 on the ASVAB is challenging but rewarding, and the opportunities that come with it are numerous. Your next steps should be well-informed and intentional. The aim is to leverage your high ASVAB score into a fulfilling and successful military career. Good luck on your journey ahead!

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